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LA Confidential feminized seed is a hybrid that’s quite unique, thanks to its creators, South California Labs. It’s a mixture of indica and sativa, which hails a high THC content level of 19% to 25%. This Kush cannabis strain is a fave among medical marijuana patients because of its low (0.08% to 0.1%) CBD levels, leaving users with an effect they can definitely feel.

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Origin of LA Confidential

LA Confidential is an indica-dominant breed with 80% of indica and 20% of Sativa. It is famous for its potent THC levels (25%) and low CBD percentages. This super-strain is a crossbreed of OG LA Affie and Afghani and has a great sensation when smoked. It rolls off the tongue in each puff.

L.A. Confidential is a unique fragrant hybrid that hails from South California. It is also popular in Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Spokane (WA) areas. However, the Western United States isn’t the only home of this strain, Canadians in Toronto and Calgary tend to love it as well.

Effects of L.A. Confidential

LA Confidential delivers a mellow and enjoyably smooth yet, sedative-like high. If you need a little push in the right direction after a long day at work, LA Confidential is the best weed to consider.

Look no further for a deep state of relaxation. This strain works miracles and is all that you need to keep you relaxed and comfortable with life. You will be able to see the good in everything since this hybrid brings very positive feelings of happiness. LA Confidential also boosts the self-esteem of some users.

A sense of euphoria is prevalent with most marijuana strains and LA confidential is no exception. This is a perfect evening treat, as a happy, warm and fuzzy little buzz will be created around you giving you a restful and calm night.

Adverse Reactions

L.A. Confidential is highly potent. Therefore, you need to handle it with care, especially if you are new to using marijuana. Just like any other strain of cannabis, it may cause dehydration, leaving the user with cottonmouth and dry eyes. Users may need to consume lots of water during and after smoking to combat these side effects.

In rare instances, one might feel dizzy. But, this is much prone to beginners, and it will not last for a long time. Sometimes, you may feel a slight headache accompanied by a feeling of paranoia. This also only continues for a short while if it happens at all.

Medical Uses for L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential has several healing talents that some other strains do not possess. Its tranquilizing abilities make it famous to dispensaries and medical marijuana users on the west coast. Examples of the ailments that this strain relieves include:

  • Arthritis
  • Inflammations
  • Swelling
  • Joint pains
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Stress

Because of these reported effects, it has been widely prescribed to those suffering from inflammation and arthritis. Research has shown that LA Confidential efficiently relieves joint swelling and pains, making life more bearable for these patients.

It’s also a very popular strain for relieving restlessness and insomnia, thanks to its ability to tranquilize its users. This also gives it the power to help those suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression. Because of these medicinal properties, LA Confidential is one of the most popular strains of cannabis grown on the West Coast.

Taste and Aroma of LA Confidential

This strain of pot delivers a sensational fragrance much like that of rich earthiness. Prepare yourself for the strong scent of pine, along with a touch of Skunk. You’ll enjoy the aroma of pine cones cut with perfect hints of spice.

LA Confidential’s taste will remind you of its pungent aroma.  It is a strong taste that is both creamy, mixed with sweetness. The skunky aftertaste with remain on your palate for quite a while. Enjoy the full signature taste of this strain, with its prominent piney presence.

Growing L.A. Confidential Strain of Medical Marijuana

L. A Confidential is one of the easiest strains to grow on earth. The best way to produce as many buds as possible is to set up a SCROG (screen of green) in either soil or hydro. The lower canopy is kept free from bud sites or extra foliage since they will detract from the quality cannabis on top.

This strain thrives in temperatures between 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, colder temperatures can be handled by the plant with some maintenance and care. L. A Confidential is a type of weed that needs lots of nutrients to reach its full potential, so stock up on nutrients for this one. During flowering, the plant must have an ample supply of phosphorus and potassium for the buds to develop into dense, hearty hugs.

L. A Confidential can be grown both indoors and outdoors although it was developed for indoor gardens. This is because it thrives in areas with consistent temperatures and humidity. In cooler climates, outdoor cultivation may work as long as there is adequate sunlight.

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