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If you’re looking for a strong body high, with enough of a head high to provide euphoria, and contentment – Italian Ice is a cannabis strain worth checking out.

Italian Ice is a cross of Forbidden Fruit and Gelato 45, bred by Cali Connection.

By combining these 2 hybrid strains, you’re left with the best of both worlds; the head high and euphoria from sativa, and a deep body high from indica. The result is a unique combination of relaxation and contentment.

Mature buds have a strong, musky odor. Try a small dose first, and wait a few minutes for the effects to kick in. It will creep up on you.

This strain is a popular choice for treating anxiety, insomnia, pain management, and depression. Please consult with your physician before beginning treatment
This plant tends to develop a strong main cola although it can become very bushy with sideways growth too. Delicious fruity scents are produced during flowering. This is a very easy plant to take cuttings from with a fast rooting time. I posted an article on how to clone plants here.

Indoor flowering takes between 69 – 74 days after which yields of 200 – 320 gr/m2 will be obtained, dry weight. Beginners should have no problems growing this strain indoors.

This strain exudes a distinct smell of blueberries and hashish with musky, citrus notes. The taste is sweet and pungent and is long-lasting on the palate.

Italian Ice has a great terpene profile and this is carried over into any extracts that are manufactured with this strain.

If you’re planning on growing Italian Ice, female seeds can be purchased at Seedsman

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