Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (Fem)


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana strain (not to be confused with the less extreme Girl Scout Cookies strain) is a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison bred in California. Its aroma is lovely: a combination of sweetness and earthiness, along with a delightful high when consumed.

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Growing Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana plants are generally medium in height, and their branches are appropriately strong and sturdy. These plants are unique in that, if grown in a climate that is on the cooler side, their buds will be somewhat purple and will be quite dense and covered in crystals.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is a strain that does quite well when encountered with pests, mold, infestations, and so on. For that reason, it is a fairly easy plant to grow, even for beginners. Because of its medium size, it makes for a good plant to grow either indoors or outdoors. You can expect it to reach heights of up to 66 inches at the most (indoor plants will be slightly smaller). It does need plenty of space to branch out since it is a sturdy and full plant.

The flowering phase for Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana plants is a medium length, generally somewhere around 70 days in total. It has a high yield and high levels of THC, which additionally makes it a good choice for beginners to grow (since they will achieve some kind of success, almost no matter what).

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana plants like warmth — think Mediterranean climate. You can expect to get about 21 ounces of marijuana per plant for outdoor plants, and 21 ounces of marijuana per square meter for indoor plants.

Origin of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Strain

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme was bred in California, USA, but quickly made it outside those borders due to its extreme popularity and success. It is a combination of the strains of marijuana called OG Kush and Durban Poison. OG Kush is a hybrid (Indica dominant) while Durban Poison is a Sativa.

There are several different types of Girl Scout Cookies, including Thin Mint, Platinum Cookies, and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. While every phenotype is slightly different, they all exhibit the most beloved qualities of the main strain.

Effects of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Strain

Despite its innocent name, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is very strong. It generally gives users a feeling of euphoria and happiness right off the bat, followed by a deep, body-focused sense of relaxation. This is not a heavy couch-lock kind of relaxation, however, but rather simply a light, relieving one that many people so love.

In addition to that, users will feel sociable and creative, making Girl Scout Cookies Extreme an excellent option for people smoking together or planning on partaking in some kind of social activity. Goofiness, laughter, and confidence are common “side effects” of smoking Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.

The positive effects of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme include:

  • Relaxation
  • Happiness
  • Euphoria
  • Upliftedness
  • Creativity
  • Goofiness
  • Confidence
  • Sociability

The negative effects of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme may include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness

Medical Uses for Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is most commonly used to help manage stress since it gives users such a relaxed and confident high. It works best for an end-of-day smoke, allowing the user to unwind and relax rather than falling into a familiar spiral of anxiety.

Its high is a bit of a sedative, allowing it to fight depression, nervousness, and insomnia. It also helps with appetite stimulation, which works best for those undergoing cancer treatments and therapies (such as chemotherapy).

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