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Air Jordan OG Strain, grown exclusively by Good as Gold in California, is a pure indica strain that packs a punch. Don’t let the name fool you: Air Jordan OG’s potent, sedating effects will have you melting deep into the couch, priming you for a nap or good night’s sleep. This strain delivers its sleepy, relaxing effects with sharp aromas of wood and fresh pine.

Jordan OG is a balanced strain that will have you soaring like Michael Jordan iconically dunking from the free throw line.


Keeping with the ‘pro basketball legend’ motif, this strain was bred by crossing Cookies’ infamous ‘Gary Payton’ (Y Griega x Snowman) with Leafly’s 2020 Strain of the Year, ‘Runtz’ (Zkittlez x Gelato). This 50/50 hybrid is a tried-and-true powerhouse.


Longtime cannabis consumers and newcomers alike have found it to be perfect for any occasion. Many factors make this strain especially great, like the fact that it is rich in resinous buds. It also has a captivating, sugary aroma that takes you back to the times when you were a kid in a candy store.



Air Jordan OG Strain

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